Thomas Liew | Team Advisor
Thomas used to major in fine art, but has since grown to love music, a universal language for the soul. His dream is to someday play the trombone.


Michelle Liew | Team Lead, Programming
Michelle is not sure if her personhood can be condensed into a few words but she will say that art, music and Fisherman’s Friend are key constituents of her life.


Jovi Ho | Team Lead, Marketing
Jovi is a journalism undergrad and hopes to one day write a book or bake a pandan cake, whichever easier.

Sze Min

Ng Sze Min | Artist-in-residence
Sze Min is a sound artist and audio producer who runs Artwave Studio. She writes music for a living find her credits in short films and theatre shows!

Tze Ting

Gan Tze Ting, Christine | Finance & Admin
Christine is a junior college student who is finding more exciting things to do in life.


Samuel Law | Social Media
Samuel is an aspiring social changemaker and social media enthusiast who is always cheerful, energetic and bubbly.


Annie Wu |Design
Annie is a graphic designer in training. It’s difficult to pinpoint her exact appearance, as she tends to change her hair colour when she hits a creative block.

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Tryphena Oh | Festival Programming
Tryphena is a preschool educator who’s actually learning more from her kids than they learn from her. She loves dance, books and food; and one day hopes to be able to travel to eat.


Bertron Chen | Festival Programming
Bertron is an aspiring entrepreneur who also enjoys exploring the indefinite tunes of the piano.

Pin Hui

Lim Pin Hui | Festival Programming
Pin Hui is a junior college student who is interested in graphic design. She enjoys doodling all over her notes in class when she’s not asleep.


Daniel LawFestival Programming
Daniel is student studying electronics engineering. He attempts songwriting and competes as a bowler in local and overseas competitions.


E-Nynn ChewExhibition Programming
E-Nynn is a wanderluster, seeking adventures. She is also a girl who is tired of getting her name spelled wrong, especially by Starbucks.

En Ze

Lu En ZeExhibition Programming
En Ze is the guy on the left. He looks normal but he is obsessed with design and engineering. He protec, he attac. But most importantly, he’s gonna be an architecc.


Thaddeus FooExhibition Programming
Thaddeus is a junior college student who wants to make the world a better place while getting his life together in the process. Hopefully.


Special thanks to former ARTas team members:

Amos Yong | Alice Wong | Guo Bingjie | Nellis Foo | Sean Neo | Suen Wai Lun | Valerie Neo | Vanessa Ang