ARTas 2019 Lineup A4

ARTas 2019 LINEUP: Meet the artists of ARTas 2019! Join us on Saturday, 6 July 2019 for the fourth edition of ARTas, the free art festival featuring young, emerging artists.

LIGHT & SHADOW: Six young artists will showcase their works exploring this year’s exhibition theme across varied fields of visual arts in our pop-up indoor exhibition space.

FESTIVAL DEBUT: ARTas welcomes local brands The Toxic Friends Co., Mama Yeo & Co., WINGKIDZ, TheMeetUpSG and more in our new outdoor festival zone. (It’s sheltered, don’t worry)

Admission is free. See you at ARTas 2019!


ARTas 2019

ARTas, the annual art festival featuring young, emerging artists, has announced its 2019 lineup, the fourth edition in the festival’s history.

17 young creatives from Singapore will present their works and wares on Jul 6, 2019 in the free exhibition and festival. Spanning the afternoon from 1pm to 6pm, ARTas 2019 casts the spotlight on the theme of “Light & Shadow”, with works and workshops from various disciplines, including photography and calligraphy.

In a first for ARTas, local brands The Toxic Friends Co., Mama Yeo & Co., WINGKIDZ, TheMeetUpSG, madeby.potatoes and more will fill the brand-new outdoor festival market zone. Together, the brands command an online following of thousands, and guests are invited to get up close and personal with the owners and designers. ARTas 2019 presents a prized opportunity to meet the young creatives behind these brands.

Michelle Liew, co-chairperson of ARTas, said: “ARTas has always been a platform that celebrates creativity and supports emerging artists. Over the past couple of years, we have been accepting artwork submissions and supported various artists in speaking about topics of their own choice but this time round, we would like to focus the conversation on a particular theme, ‘Light & Shadow’ – something familiar that can be read in multiple ways.”

“We want to create a space where everyone participating in ARTas – as visitors, artists, committee members – will have a chance to explore different expressions and meaning-making.”

Jovi Ho, co-chairperson of ARTas, said: “In our fourth year, we look forward to welcoming returning artists and guests at ARTas. We’re proud to have seen artists featured in previous editions finding success in the local music and art scenes, and we’re excited to introduce a new lineup of artists who are looking to showcase their art, many for the first time. ARTas is committed to investing in young, emerging local artists by giving them a chance to bring their creative hobbies into the real world.”

On the back end, the ARTas 2019 committee is the largest in the festival’s history. 13 volunteer members, half of whom are less than 20 years old, execute the programming and marketing behind the festival.

This year’s five-hour programme holds the record for the longest ARTas event, and close to 500 guests are expected from the immediate estate of St George and around Singapore.


About ARTas

Founded in 2016, ARTas is a free annual art festival. With its focus on young, emerging artists in Singapore, ARTas has featured the works of photographers, magicians, filmmakers, singer-songwriters, poets and more.

Since its inception, ARTas has grown to become a half-day festival. Held at Renewal Christian Church, a Chinese-language family church, ARTas has become a flagship event of the Renewal Youth Ministry. While the event is sponsored by Renewal, no religious activities are conducted at ARTas.